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La Nostra Casa e la Vostra Casa!
From Our Home…To Yours!

Napoletan Eggplant
Eggplant and fresh tomato saute’ crowned with warm ricotta and parmigiano – $16.00

Fresh bufalo mozzarella on a bed of arugola with sliced tomato and parmigiano – $16.00

Slices of fresh mozzarella, ripe tomato and fresh basil – $9.50

Melanzane Alla Parmigiana
Slices of fresh eggplant and mozzarella with tomato sauce – $9.00

Thinly sliced cured italian beef served over arugula with shaved parmigiana and lemon- $16.00

Mussels Posillipo

Mussels tossed in white wine, garlic & fresh tomatoes – $14.00

Calamari Alla Mediterrania

Squid sauteed in white wine, with fresh tomato and garlic – $13.50

Prosciutto Parma

Sliced prosciutto with fresh mozzarella and shaved parmigiana cheeses – $14.00


Insalata Di Pomodori
Tomatoes with romaine, croutons, blue cheese and onion – $7

Insalata Alla Cesare
Ceasar dressing, romaine, croutons and parmesan cheese – $7.00

Insalata Mista
Mixed greens with green olives and tomatoes – $6.50

Insalata Di Spinaci
Baby spinach, tomatoes, onions and goat cheese – $7.50

Arugola Salad
Arugola greens with shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes – $8.00


Linguine with Shrimp
White wine, marinara sauce, olive oil, garlic and shrimp – $20.00

Linguine with Clams
Baby clams in the shell, choose white or red sauce; mild or spicy – $19.00

Gnocchi di Patate Alla Sorrentina
Soft potato pasta with marinara sacue, fresh mozzarella and parmigiano – $17.00

Gnocchi di Patate Al Quatro Formaggi
Soft potato pasta with mozzarella, provolone, parmigiano & gorgonzola – $17.00

Lasagna Emiliana
Layered pasta with bolognese, bechamel, marinara, mozzarella and parmigiano – $18.00

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Imported classic with marinara sauce, and two beef & pork meatballs – $17.00

Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca
Black Olives, capers, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil  – $17.00

Penne All’ Arrabbiata

Fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, fresh basil and crushed red pepper – $17.00

Penne Alla Bolognese
Beef, red wine, tomatoes and bay leaf create a delicious ragu- $17.00

Rigatoni Al Pesto
Basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, parmigiano and cream – $17.00

Rigatoni Al Pesto

Fresh marinara sauce with cream and parmigiano – $16.00


Veal Price Each – $23.00

Chicken Price Each – $18.00

Picato Sauce
(white wine, butter, lemon and capers)


Pizzaiola Sauce
(Tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and herbs)



Torte Al Limoncello
Layers of lemon cake & marscapone cheese buttercream doused with lemoncello liqueur – $8.00

Tiramisu AL Caffe
Espresso soaked ladyfingers layered
in marscapone custard – $8.50

Tiramisu Alla Mandorla
Almond liqueur soaked ladyfingers layers of marscapone custard topped with chopped almonds – $8.50

Crisp canoli shell filled with sweet ricotta an chocolate chips  – $9.00

Affogato Al Caffè
Vanilla gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso – $8.50

Cioccolate Vesuvio
Hot Lava cake opposite cookie crumble atop vanilla gelato – $9.00

Gelato Nutella
Vanilla gelato under chocolate hazelnut Nutella and whipped cream – $9.00


Espresso – $2.50  |   Doppio Espresso – $4.00   |  Cappuccino – $4.00  |   American Coffee –  $3.00   |   (S) Pellegrino – $6.00   |   Hot Tea – $2.50
Iced Tea – $2.50   |   Soda – $2.50   |   Aqua Penne – $6.00